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Which karyotype(s) shows a “normal” male individual (i.e., a male individual with no trisomies or monosomies)?

  • C. vagina
  • D. oviduct E. follicle 12. The sex chromosome composition of a person with Klinefelter syndrome is A. XXX B. XO C. XXY D. XYY E. XX 13. Down syndrome involves trisomy of chromosome A. 3 B. 5 C. 15 D. 19 E. 21 14. The body cells of a normal human male contain _____ chromosomes. A. 22 B. 46 C. 92 D. 21 E. 47 15. If a parent cell has 46 chromosomes prior to mitosis, how many chromosomes will the daughter cells have? A. 32 B. 16 C. 8 D. any number between 8 and 32 E. 46 16. In which stage of mitosis are the chromosomes lined up on the cell’s equator? A. anaphase B. metaphase C. telophase D. prophase E. interphase 17. In which of the following structures would one be able to observe cells undergoing meiosis? A. heart B. brain C. testes D. kidneys E. liver 18. The building blocks of a nucleic acid like DNA are called A. amino acids B. nucleotides C. glycerol D. fatty acids E. polysaccharides 19. Which of the following is composed of glucose subunits? A. protein B. fat C. RNA D. glycogen E. DNA 20. Which of these structures contains the chro]]>


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