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Write an essay of at least six to seven double spaced pages in New Times Roman, 12 point font about the following topic, having familiarized yourself with the book Last Call:

Describe the historical roots of the temperance movement in the Nineteenth Century, how it started, how it was connected to other movements, and how it evolved as a grassroots movement. Discuss the transition from a predominantly amateur female movement toward a more professional male dominated political movement and how this transition affected it. How was taxation, women’s suffrage, race, immigration policy, and urban versus rural conflict, related to and played out in the prohibition issue?

Was it, and if so why was it necessary to employ the political strategy taken? How is this significant to the history of the United States?

Describe the implementation of Prohibition, considering the exceptions, and the effects of it on society as a whole. Why did it not work?

Note that this is an exam and you may use any source, you are not required to cite sources unless you quote or paraphrase a significant amount from a single source. You do not need to cite things from Last Call unless you quote it.



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