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Have you explored cultural issues vital to effective communication with your chosen policymaker?

These factors are essential:

  • Discuss the role of nursing in the lobbying process.
  • Compare and contrast the differences between personal visits and written correspondence as lobbying techniques and the appropriate use of each technique

These challenges in lobbying strategies need to be considered:

  1. Have you explored cultural issues vital to effective communication with your chosen policymaker?
  2. Discuss strategies that are essential in communicating with a state legislator.
  3. Discuss the importance of researching your policymaker. Share the importance of understanding the cultural, religious, and social beliefs of a policymaker. Please share the research that you have done on your particular policymaker and the considerations that you have taken with your visit and presentation of your policy priority.
  4. Explore the C-span link provided for you in the lesson this week. Click the link, then click the Resources tab, and then click the Policy Organizations tab. Explore if one or more of the organizations can support you in your policy priority. How can this organization(s) support your policy priority? Rationale?
  5. What is the involvement of nurses in your policy priority?
  6. How can you involve other nurses for your cause in your policy priority? What about nursing organizations or coalitions?


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