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ourse Description
This course covers aspects of business law in the hospitality and tourism sectors of the economy. It addresses such issues as liability for personal injury or loss to customers or other persons, discrimination against customers, business agreements, and statutory and regulatory requirements and offences. The successful completion of this course will enable students to assess critical legal risks in the formation and operation of a business in the hospitality and tourism sector.
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of the course of study, students should have a practical knowledge of the basic legal issues and risks involved in the hospitality and tourism sector of the economy. This includes contract law, tort law, prohibitions and discrimination and the statutory and regulatory environment governing hospitality and tourism business.

Week Date Topic Readings and preparation
1 Sept. 11
  • Administrative Matters
  • Course Overview
  • Constitutional Framework
  • Torts: Basic Principles
Designated Readings
2 Sept. 18
  • Torts in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector
Designated Readings
3 Sept. 25
  • Liability in the Accommodation Sector
  • Contracts: Basic Principles
Designated Readings
4 Oct. 2
  • Contracts: Basic Principles (cont.)
  • Contracts in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector
Designated Readings
5 Oct. 9 1st Mid-term Exam

  • 90 minutes
  • Open book (includes student notes and class presentations)
All materials to date
6 Oct. 16 Reading Week No class
7 Oct. 23
  • Liability in the Food and Alcohol Sector
Designated Readings
8 Oct. 30
  • Discrimination in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector
  • Production and Sale of Cannabis
Designated Readings
9 Nov. 6
  • Legal Relationship of Innkeepers and Guests
Designated Readings
10 Nov. 13 2st Mid-term Exam

  • 90 minutes
  • Open book (includes student notes and

class presentations

All materials since the 1st mid-term exam
11 Nov. 20
  • Regulatory Requirements in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector
Designated Readings
12 Nov. 27
  • Ownership and Property in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector
  • Travel Industry and Agency
Designated Readings
13 Dec. 4 Course Review
14 TBD Final Exam
2 hours
Open book (includes student notes and Power Point presentations)


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