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·         What are some of the socio-political and/or socio-economic forces that may have shaped this policy?

For the Final Paper in this course, you are asked to select a current health policy. This policy can be local, state, or federal. You will submit the topic at the end of Module  for instructor approval.


You will need to develop the following topics in your final paper:


·         Provide a clear explanation of the policy and issues it is intended to address.

·         Who are the key and relevant stakeholders?

·         What are some of the socio-political and/or socio-economic forces that may have shaped this policy?

·         What are the implications of this policy from the varied viewpoints?

·         To what degree does this policy address fairness and efficiency within the healthcare system? Address the possible changes and amendments that would help to resolve these issues.

·         Anticipate and address counterarguments and challenges to the changes and amendments you propose.


In your paper, you will take a position on the policy and defend your position with support from what you have learned in the class, obtained from reliable sources in the library, and collected the Internet.



Your paper should be no more than 12-15 pages, double-spaced in length. Be sure to include your name and class number and class title on the title page of your paper.  Your final paper should be formatted fully in APA style and have all supporting documentation and references.


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